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My experiences with Atlantic Chiro and Dr. Phil's treatments have been "the best!" My career demands that I remain in top shape to avoid injuries and the inevitable "getting older" as I am a professional dancer, constantly on and off tour. I always find fresh, goal oriented treatments that keep my body in the best possible condition! Dr. Phil is a serious wealth of knowledge and truly gifted chiropractor!!

- Roberta H.

I came in 4 weeks ago with intense pain from a herniated disk. It was the worst pain I've had in my entire life. I'm now pain free and back to my daily activities. The staff is amazing, Dr. Phil has my back and he's got yours as well.

- Brian M.

Dr. Phil is my chiropractor when I am away from my chiropractor. A Dr. deserves 5 stars when they relieve me of my pain without drugs. I have been a snowbird 2 years now and been seen by Dr.Phil and next year will be my 3rd. His whole staff is friendly and courteous and help you. I don't have any insurance and his rates are reasonable, another reason I go to Atlantic.

- Tony Z.

I had injured my back at work and was in ALOT of pain the first time I went to Atlantic Chiropractic and Wellness Center. I needed to see a chiropractor, and since my husband is a regular of Dr. Phil's, he had persuaded me to go see him.... I am so glad he persuaded me!! It was my first time ever going to a chiropractor and I was nervous! But, after meeting Dr. Phil, he put me at ease. Dr. Phil actually listens and talks to you like a real person. He and his staff are so down to earth and professional. I recommend Dr. Phil and his staff to everyone and anyone looking for a chiropractor. The BEST in the area!

- Angie K

I recently had my first visit here. I was greeted by the wonderful and helpful staff. I was having major headaches and thanks to Dr. Afghani, I am feeling much better. I will be making regular visits here for now on. The staff and doctors here are amazing. I highly recommend Atlantic Chiropractic and Wellness center.

 - Jamie N.

Dr. Afghani is my powerlifting injury guru. I've been to him for powerlifting/bodybuilding injuries of both the shoulder and elbow. Both injuries he has provided excellent diagnostics and treatment plans for. My shoulder got better after a month or two of seeing him(after over six months of chronic pain). My elbow has been hurting for almost a year now and after three visits I'm already seeing improvements. He uses the most current and proven technologies. I highly recommend Dr.Afghani.

 - Danny C.

Dr. Phil Afghani and his team are by far the most incredible I've ever had! My first visit took place while I was fighting a 5-day long migraine that just wouldn't go away. After my first visit, I found immediate relief! I then started taking the proactive measure of preventing the migraines that have haunted me for so much of my life, and I have not had a single migraine since! The team there always remembers me by name and always starts a friendly conversation to make you feel welcome and at home! I don't know what I would do without the care of the team at Atlantic Chiropractic!

- Lauren K.

Dr. Phil is amazing!! Helped me with plantar fasciitis in my foot. Who knew a chiropractor could help with that!! I highly recommend them.

- Robin F

Pleasant staff with immediate appt scheduling and pertinent info given to me regarding my insurance coverage. First appointment seamless...efficient and brought immediate results. I have recommended Atlantic chiropractic to my husband. I am a snowbird and accustomed to medical service where I am treated well and feel comfortable. On all counts...Atlantic Chiropractic met my expectations.

 -Karen J.

I feel very fortunate to have gotten to know Dr. Afghani by hearing him give a presentation at our church. He had such a wide variety of information, I was really impressed! After having an appointment with him, I was pleased with him and his great staff. His office personnel are all friendly and helpful.

- Mary B.

I came from Orlando, looking for A chiropractor. I tried one close to my house... nope! Then I found Dr Phil! I was so happy. He is wonderful! He listens and helps you get to the root of the problem! To feel better! He also works on My Husband. The staff is wonderful including the massage therapist. They really found one that knows what she is doing! 5 STARS

- Laurie C.

The chiropractor other chiropractors go to! I am a local chiropractor and after my car accident I knew Dr Phil would get me out of pain fast and he did!

- Adam S.

“I have been having back problems since early January and did not know what was going on with me. I am a dancer professionally: ballet, jazz, you name it I’ve done it, and I thought I would not be able to dance again, because of my lower back. I went to so many doctors and got tons of different tests. They all came back negative and they didn’t know what was wrong. I went through a really hard time not knowing if I was going to be able to dance again and then I got recommended to Atlantic Chiropractic. With one treatment alone, I was already able to arch my back again, which is something I was not able to do for the past 5 months. Now I know I will be able to dance again and continue with my dreams.“

- Karen G.

“I started coming to Dr. Afghani because I have Fibromyalgia and my back and neck hurts and I get headaches. Since I’ve been coming to him, my life has changed. He’s really helped me so much and when I leave here I feel like a million dollars. He has weaned me off, so I am not coming as often as I was before. I recommended him to my sister-in-law and she came. I tell everybody that I know how wonderful he is, and he is so kind and knows just what to do to solve my back problems.”

- Linda E.

“I came to Atlantic Chiropractic in a lot of pain and I got Acupuncture, Adjustments and Massages and they have really helped me.  I come in with a lot of pain from my Sciatic nerves and tension and the treatments take away all the pain, and it’s better than anything else I’ve done. “

- Vicki S.

“I was privileged to come to Dr. Phil after I bent down and felt a sudden pain in my back. I went to the gym, asking the guys at the gym what to do. They helped me, but the pain remained. So the next day, I called Dr. Phil. I came for one session and I don’t know how he did it. I felt so great that the next day I called him to tell him all the pain was gone. I was so glad I came, and since then,  my back is still doing good.  My advice would be to come to Atlantic Chiropractic, because I think they are a great team and have a lot of new equipment, which I didn’t find in other places. I think this would be the best choice for anybody with back pain.”

- Mike S.

“I started to come to Dr. Phil because I have a lot of problems with my neck. When I come, he gives me tremendous relief. I don’t suffer from headaches anymore because he adjusts my neck, which is very, very hard to adjust.  He has massage therapists that have also helped me a lot, so I am really, really grateful for Dr. Phill."

- Mona E.

“I started to come here almost two years ago now from a car accident. I have always had lower back issues and issues with my neck. Since coming to Dr. Phil, those issues have just about gone away completely. I don’t have the neck pains anymore. I do get the occasional stiffness in my lower back, but as soon as I come here, I don’t have those issues. I would tell anybody that has a similar issue not to wait!  They should be coming here, and their adjustments are wonderful, they do miracles!”

- Amber L.

“I started seeing Dr. Phil back in December 2010. My symptoms at the time were chronic back pain and difficulty walking.  I would suggest to anyone that if you have back pain, do not wait. I have always been treated fantastically here, they are all professional and I have always been very pleased.  I feel like I have been in good hands!”

- RoseAnne T.

“I came to this facility because I had a complimentary gift certificate. I wasn’t going to use it, but I am so glad that I did because I had spider veins on my ankle and I have had them for about 8 years. Dr. Phil did a marvelous job and it was only three Cold Laser Therapy Treatments. I should have taken a before and after picture, but I have shown numerous people and they can’t believe that it only took 3 visits! I’m going to continue because I want it removed completely and I am thrilled with the results.”

- Judy C.

I have been coming here for 2 years.  I first started coming here due to a car accident and also I have a very bad knee problem. Since I have been coming here and seeing Dr. Phil, my problems have improved so much.  I use the Kinesio Tape on my knee. I was told I needed surgery on my knee, but since using that Kinesio Tape, I have not had any severe problems and I plan to continue using that, so that I don’t ever have to get a knee replacement. The Kinesio Tape is something that we use in our home a lot on our backs and shoulders etc. It is actually a miracle and I hate being without it. Come to Dr. Phil, don’t put it off if you need to have treatment, because the sooner you come in, the better results you will have and the better you will feel.

- Ann L

I am writing this letter to talk about the wonderful care I receive at Atlantic Chiropractic!  Thank you for taking me in so quickly.  My pain was so acute, and in a short time, pain was much less.  Now with monthly maintenence visits, I am able to exercise and walk pain free.  Your advice was right on about the exercises you gave me, and the nutritional supplements you have me take.  And my knee pain is gone, since you started taping them for support.  I would recommend Atlantic Chiropractic to anyone that is in pain and needs to improve their health!

- Marlyn F.

Please note that all patient testimonials were used with their permission.  

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I started to come to Dr. Phil because I have a lot of problems with my neck. When I come, he gives me tremendous relief. I don’t suffer from headaches anymore because he adjusts my neck, which is very, very hard to adjust.  He has massage therapists that have also helped me a lot, so I am really, really grateful for Dr. Phill. -Mona E.

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Atlantic Chiropractic and Wellness Center
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