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Posted on 11-04-2014

10 Ways To Help Us Help You!

Many times, we look to our doctors and health care team to take excellent care of us and our families.  But there are things we can do to be proactive in our health, and maximize the benefits of the care we are receiving!  We encourage our patients to take a proactive role in their health care, and here are 10 simple things you can do each day to make sure that you are taking the proper steps on the path towards wellness!

Knowledge is Power

The more you understand your problem, the better results you will get.  That is why we offer an information-rich environment, so that our patients can ask lots of questions, get lots of answers, and get involved!

Use Our Experience

The goal of our care recommendations is to actively target the cause of your health issues, and restore your health in a natural and holistic way, without the use of drugs or surgery.  Each visit builds on the one before, so keeping up with your appointments helps to ensure your progress is not slowed down!

Exercise and Stretch

Motion is the key to proper spinal health! Exercise as you can.  Even 20 minutes of brisk walking can help keep you moving well, burn calories, and get your blood circulating.  Stretching is beneficial and very important.  It helps to keep your muscles from being tight and sore, and can help improve recovery time!

Eat Like Your Life Depended On It

We are what we eat!  Having a diet full of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds will help your body function at its best!  Avoid processed foods, lunch meats, and foods high in sugar, and/or made with white flour.  Using nutrition supplements like multi-vitamins and fish oil can help in making sure you are getting a balanced amount of nutrients.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Staying hydrated is crucial for optimum health.  Water plays a vital role in joint health, blood pressure, helping your body eliminate waste and toxins, and other important bodily functions.  You should be drinking small amounts of water regularly throughout the day, not just when you are thirsty. 

Get Adequate Rest

Getting a restful night's sleep is crucial for optimum health!  Getting seven to eight hours of sleep helps your body make repairs, heal, and prepare for the day ahead of you.  Sleeping in a supported posture on your back or side, with a high quality supportive pillow and firm mattress are important in keeping your sleep productive and restful.

Reduce Emotional Stress

Many health issues can be a result of long term unresolved emotional stress.  Ever feel that tightness in your neck and upper shoulders when you are stressed?  Or have you had digestive distress when you are stressed out?  Stress can eat at us, and adversely effect our health over time.  Take time to meditate, pray, do deep breathing exercises, read a book, get a massage, go for a walk, exercise, or find something that is relaxing and helps you de-stress!

Choose Healthier Habits

Do you consume large amounts of coffee, soda, or alcohol each day?  Do you smoke or sue tobacco?  Are you exercising regularly and eating well?  How does your posture measure up? The choices we make today will drastically effect the quality of life we have tomorrow.  Make sure you are making choices that will make you a better person overall.

Connect Spiritually

True health and wellness is achieved with a rounded balance of the Mind, Body, and Soul.  Your health can be boosted by getting on a plane, the spiritual plane.  Connecting on this level can be easy.  Find a quiet place and meditate, go for a walk in a park or on the beach, quietly look out over a river or lake, pray or worship in fellowship, or even try some relaxing soft music. 

Remain Hopeful and Optimistic

Many health problems arise as a result of years of neglect.  There are instances where it can take some time to make lasting positive changes.  Keep a positive attitude and remain optimistic about the outcomes.  It may surprise you to see the heights you can soar to!

If you have questions about how you can better your health naturally, please call us today at (386) 492-4881

Atlantic Chiropractic and Wellness Center


Dr. Phil Afghani is a Chiropractor and Clinic Director at Atlantic Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Port Orange, FL.  Our office serves the chiropractic and natural healthcare needs of the communities of Port Orange, South Daytona, Daytona Beach, Holly Hill, Ormond Beach, Ponce Inlet, New Smyrna, Oak Hill, Edgewater, Bunnell, and Palm Coast.

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