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Posted on 01-26-2018

Hey Everyone!

So I asked my friend and personal trainer Nick Snow to write a guest blog for all of you.  He will be contributing to the blogs on occasion on some great information on exercise, nutrition, and weight loss.  For anyone with any questions, please contact Nick our our office, his contact information is below.  Enjoy!

Am I Doing This Right?

As a trainer, I hear this question a million times. From long term clients, friends and family, and pretty much from anyone who finds out my background. Now don’t get me wrong, I love hearing this question! After all, I wouldn’t be much of a trainer if I didn’t enjoy helping people. But the prevalence of the question indicates a common line of thought that permeates the fitness industry: that there is a correct way and an incorrect way. 

This is, by and large, false. 

Whether we’re talking an exercise, program design/selection, diet, supplements, etc. there is rarely an incorrect way of doing something. While most people will agree on certain things (like how to squat/deadlift) there are plenty of variations to it and valid reasoning to do them differently (like how to squat/deadlift). Instead of asking “Which way is the right way?” ask “Which way is better?” or “Which way is best for me and my goals?” 

The second question is much more useful for me to ask my clients and you to ask yourself. And usually, the answer is, “It depends.” The best programs are based on ADHERENCE first and foremost, the exercises give based on GOALS and ABILITY (and a myriad of other things, too). There are so many variables that even when a group of people have the same goal in mind, their ideal programs may be completely different from one to another. So how do we figure out the right answer to that question? 

If you were my client, I would first ask you, “Why that exercise? Why that diet?” Ask yourself, “Why this over something else?” It doesn’t matter if it’s related to diet or training. As a coach, my job is to teach you the different options, give you the pros and the cons, ask you which one you think is right for you and your lifestyle, offer my own opinion on which one I think would work best, but ultimately leave the decision up to you. 

This the basis for individualized training and nutrition. And these conversations are the difference between a good trainer and a lacking one. 

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