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Posted on 01-29-2018

The Super Bowl is right around the corner & with it comes a weekend of parties centered around food and drink. While it’s an enjoyable time for many, it marks the first big test for many people trying to lose weight. Use the following trips to stay on track and enjoy the game!
1. WATCH YOUR ALCOHOL: Not only is alcohol calorie heavy on its own, it leads to a breakdown of willpower causing you to eat more, and possibly gets in the way of your plans for the day after. If you really want to drink, follow a 1:1 ratio where you alternate one drink with a non-alcoholic beverage.
2. FOCUS ON HIGH VOLUME, LOW CALORIE FOODS: A general rule that's great for weight loss, this is especially useful during parties where you might not have pre-portioned meals handy. These foods not only help you fill up, but they will limit overall calories by combining it with the next tip. Common snack foods that fall under this are pretzels & popcorn.
3. USE SMALLER PLATES AND BOWLS: The less room on your plate, the less food you can pile onto it, and the less food you'll end up eating. Do this with high volume foods that take up a ton of room already (salads, popcorn, anything that "spreads out") and you'll find it's very easy to limit your calories. Plus it can help with feeling satisfied and full.
4. ALLOW YOURSELF MULTIPLE TRIPS : This one might seem counter-intuitive so let me explain. Being able to say "I'll come back for this later" can do a lot in terms of making you more adherent. By allowing yourself the freedom to go back if you want to, you avoid the temptation that comes with “not being able to do something.” Also, it gives you a ready excuse to anyone who might be trying to tempt you to "just relax for a day,” because you can reply with, “I’ll go back for it later.” In the end, it minimizes the stress of the food tempting you all day throughout the party (and combining it with the above will limit the calories of each trip, too). You might even find that you don't want to go back for more trips because you're satisfied with what you've already eaten.
Use these tips to handle any weekend get together where food is put out. They can also help you if you find yourself at a buffet table, too. And as always, remember that you are there to enjoy the people and the festivities, not just food.
Online or in person, I simplify eating healthy and working out so you can lose weight and regain your confidence. 
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